Neural Bases of Communication and Swallowing

Focus of Lab

Research Goals: The long term goal of the laboratory is to develop improved understanding of the neural control and pathophysiology of voice, speech and swallowing disorders as a basis for innovative and effective approaches for the enhancement of voice, speech and swallowing rehabilitation.

Research Methods: The laboratory uses state of the art techniques in clinical neurophysiology to determine the neural mechanisms involved in normal voice and swallowing control and how to enhance neuroplasticity for effective rehabilitation of disorders.

Methods for assessing neural control in health and disease for voice and swallowing include:

Emphasis is on conducting Phase II controlled clinical trials to identify effective new mechanisms for neurorehabilitation of voice, speech and swallowing disorders.

Lab Staff

Pictured above: Standing from left to right: Sarah Hegyi, Shelly Sites, Kathryn White, Dwight Dart, Shiree Harbick, Karen Perta, Sonia Oh Seated from left to right: Rachel Mulheren, Laura Dickerson, Lara Karpinski, Dr. Christy Ludlow, Danielle Kaplan, Kristen Johnson

Contact Information:

Laboratory on Neural Bases of Communication and Swallowing
HHS 1009b, MSC 4304
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Telephone: 540-568-5059
FAX: 540-568-8077

Members of the Lab

PHOTO: Infant being tested

Current Funding

PHOTO: Neural Bases Lab

Recent Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications (2007-2011)

Recent Book

Ludlow CL and Kent R. Building a Research Career, Plural Publishing, 2011, San Diego, CA

Currently Recruiting Participants for Ongoing Studies on:

PHOTO: Neural Bases Lab

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