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This interactive visualization depicts immunization rates against various common diseases in the developing world. 

Successful immunization is depicted on

  1. a typical world map,
  2. a bar chart, or
  3. a functional map (selected by tabs at the top). 

Select the disease on the lower left and then move the slider rightward to increase the amount of immunization for the selected disease.  

Watch the “shock waves” expand in the Functional Map view as you move the slider to see how the model works.  

Once you have selected the relative amount of immunization, switching between the three views (tabs at the top) and various diseases reveals interesting differences in immunization of different diseases across the world.  $$ in the left menu depicts the amount of money each government has spent on immunizations. 

Note that the pattern in “spreading” dollars is different than the patterns in effective immunizations. Raw data were retrieved in 2006 from This model explains 83% of these input data (p<.001).