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Curriculum Overview (subject to change)

Year One

Fall Spring Summer
CSD 544 Evaluation and Treatment of Swallowing Disorders 2 credits CSD 522 Communication Disorders of the Traumatically Brain Injured 2 credits CSD 583Speech Practicum (On-campus)
CSD 581 Speech Practicum 2 credits CSD 560 Neuromotor Speech Disorders 3 credits  Up to 3 credits hours of coursework.  The course(s)  is/are selected from the existing curriculum
CSD 604 Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology of Speech and Language 3 credits CSD 641 Language Disorders in Adults 3 credits  
CSD 623 Advanced Study of Phonological Disorders 3 credits CSD 651 Disorders of Speech Resonance 2 credits  
CSD 640 Advanced Children's Language Disorders 3 credits CSD 656 Voice Disorders 3 credits  
  CSD 582 Speech Practicum 2 credits  
  CSD 528 Autism 1 credit  
  CSD 527 Aging and Communication 1 credit  

Year Two

Fall Spring Summer
CSD 632 Processes and Disorders of Speech Fluency 2 credits CSD 683 Speech Practicum (Off-campus) 2-7 credits  
Research Methods 2 credits    
CSD 625 Pediatric Dysphagia 1 credit    
CSD 530 Early Intervention 1 credit    
CSD 529 Augmentative Communication 1 credit    
CSD 605 Physiological and Acoustical Phonetics3 credits    
CSD 682 Speech Practicum (On-/Off-Campus) 2 credits   Minimum 44 credits


  • November 24-28
    Thanksgiving holiday
  • December 8-12
    Final examinations
  • December 13
    Commencement begins at 10 a.m. in the Convocation Center.
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