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Pre-requisite Coursework

  • CSD 207      Phonetics
  • CSD 208      Anatomy & Physiology of the Ear & Voice Mechanism
  • CSD 209      Acoustics of Speech and Hearing
  • CSD 300      Language Development
  • CSD 301      Introduction to Audiology
  • CSD 314      Phonological and Language Disorders

A limited number of outstanding students without the undergraduate degree in CSD may be admitted as provisional graduate students. Depending on the student’s undergraduate degree coursework and in consultation with the academic adviser, the provisional student will take all or a selection of the above courses. It is strongly recommended that students complete pre-requisite coursework prior to enrolling in the fall semester.  Provisional students are not eligible for departmental funding and full-time graduate level financial aid.
The American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA), the SLP credentialing organization, requires that you have all of the following coursework: one biological science, one physical science (chemistry or physics), one statistics course and one social science.

Students who have not successfully completed a course in Aural Rehabilitation (graduate or undergraduate level), will be expected to complete the coursework in order to meet competencies.

Upon successful completion of pre-requisite coursework, with a min GPA of 3.25, the student can request that their status be changed from provisional to unconditional. Requirements for provisional status will be specified in the letter of acceptance.
Each student is assigned an academic advisor who will assist you with all academic matters. The Director of Clinical Education will guide your practica enrollment. The CSD Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) Council serves as each graduate student's program committee. The role of the student's program committee is to oversee each student's educational experience and to provide a support system during your matriculation. If an academic problem occurs during the student's graduate career, the student's advisor, and if necessary, the SLP Council will assist to resolve this problem.


  • Our application process, for FALL 2015 admission, is now closed. We look forward to reviewing applications again with the next admissions cycle!
  • March 9-13
    Spring Break.
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